Association for Computing Machinery
at Virginia Tech

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Our mission is simple: to connect students, faculty, and companies through tech-talks and social events.

Since 1947, the national chapter has provided resources and backed research and policies that benefit the academic community. The ACM chapter at Virginia Tech has devoted itself to following this tradition and we're the oldest computer-science related club on campus.

Here at Virginia Tech, ACM has made a commitment to serving our members by facilitating their growth and knowledge through a variety of means. We seek to bring both industry and academia closer to our members and our members closer to them by providing venues for the sharing and transfer of knowledge. We also hope to provide a number of networking opportunities that will last past our members' involvement with the chapter.

We are currently looking for interested companies to present tech-talks and connect with students. Please email us!

Hithesh Peddamekala —, ACM President