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Enigma Inside Out

How Alan Turing Broke an Impossible Nazi Cipher

During WWII the British were perplexed by a new Nazi encryption machine: Enigma. The outcome of the entire war was dependent on cracking the secret code and revealing German operations. In this unique session you will learn exactly how Alan Turing, genius mathematician, inventor of computer science, and subject of the movie "The Imitation Game", broke the Enigma cipher by inventing an amazing electro-mechanical machine: The Bombe. Come learn how Alan found critical flaws in the Enigma machine, developed a method to exploit those flaws, and built a machine that helped win the war for the allies. Included is a demo of an on-line Enigma machine, and a full run of a Bombe simulator!

About the speaker:

Steven Swenson is a software developer and hardware tinkerer. He keeps busy writing open-source software in c#, building solar-panel monitoring systems with Raspberry Pis, and teaching kids how to write code. He also gives talks on cloud computing, encryption, and automation using powershell. He resides next to a cow field near Blacksburg Virginia. He can be found on twitter and github under the nom de plume of @ctigeek.

The talk will occur at 7:00 PM on Thursday, September 17 in McBryde 113.

Enigma Talk Poster

First Tech Talk Fall 2015

Taming the Flood of Big Data

What exactly is going on:

This talk introduces Apache Spark and Hadoop - distributed computing which scale out, instead of up. We'll show you how easy it is to to collect, process, and filter large amounts of data using pyspark.

Finally we will give an overview of the rest of the Hadoop ecosystem.

When is it: September 3th (this Thursday) at 7:00 P.M.

Where is it: McBryde 126

What Do I Need To Do?

If you want to play along, install Spark following documentation at https://spark.apache.org/downloads.html and bring your computer.

If you would prefer to use Python instead of Scala please have it installed and ready to go before showing up.

Who Is This For?

This talk is aimed at anyone interested in CS with a skill set of any level, so bring your friends.

First Meeting Slides

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming out to our meeting tonight!

Instructions on adding yourselves to our website will be available shortly along with a new section for web development.

For those of you who missed our presentation, the slides can be found here!